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11th Jan 2024

I recently went fruit shopping with my wife to a newly opened wonderful fruit store.

I could see a large variety of the choicest apples on display and they seemed very reasonably priced.

Soon another customer walked into the store and looked around at all the apples.

The salesperson excitedly showed him the best of the apples but the customer didn’t show any interest. Then the salesperson explained how apples are best for health, but the customer was not interested.

He further explained all the efforts made in logistically bringing the fresh apples from the farms directly to the store etc, etc.

The customer still didn’t show any interest & finally, the salesperson offered a great price discount but still the customer refused to buy.

He finally walked away without buying anything.

How would this make you feel? Rejected? Dejected? And yes, most people do take rejection personally!

Now, let me tell you why he was not interested. Because, when I checked with the customer why was he not buying despite getting a great deal & he replied that he was looking for oranges, and the store didn’t have them.

He was not rejecting the offer. He was only rejecting what the store had to offer, only because what he wanted was different from what they were offering.

The next time, when rejection knocks at your door, what would be the first thing you would say to yourself?

Would you consider what you are offering & try and match that with what your customer/ family/ friends want or would you take the rejection personally and get into a negative spiral?

Be it a job interview, a business proposal, a date, a meal, or any proposition, a rejection in most cases only means that it doesn’t match with the requirements of the other person & it is not due to any personal enmity or reason.

As we go along in the year, we shall invariably face many rejections, let those rejections not disappoint you but propel you to offer a better match and better value.

In the end, just have faith & remember that in the higher scheme of things, whatever happens, is for the best and

God’s delays are not necessarily His denials. Just because He hasn’t, doesn’t mean He won’t. His timing is perfect.

You will receive it when the timing is right.

Don’t take rejections personally & stay blessed forever.