‘Get your Answers’

29th Nov, 2023 On Gurupurab, I walked into the Gurudwara with some resolutions in my mind and ready to ask for a number of  blessings from the Guru and find the answers to some things bothering me. Before asking from the Guru, I felt I needed to offer a small donation and I Took out […]

‘Why Me?’

25th Nov, 2023 When things go bad in your life, it’s easy to think ‘Why me?’ Why do I have a rubbish job? Why is my relationship not working? Why did I lose my phone? Why is my family so difficult? Why am I sick? Why do people treat me poorly? Why did my car […]

‘The Fault Finders’

24th Nov, 2023 “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.” To be specific, these small minds are fault-finders, which according to the Webster dictionary, are people who habitually find fault, complain, or object, especially in a petty way. As a part of human nature, we subconsciously search for faults in […]

‘Become a Two-dollar Man’

25th Oct, 2023  One of my life gurus was Jim Rohn – the grand old man of American motivational speaking. I read an interesting piece of advice from him, which I found quite fascinating & try to put in practise. Very simply put it talks about- ‘Becoming a two-dollar man!’ According to him the next […]

‘Find your Passion’

19th Oct, 2023 One common piece of advice you might hear when deciding on a career is to “follow your passion.” Following the work, ideas & projects that make you feel fulfilled & motivated can help lead you to jobs you will enjoy and succeed in. While the idea is simple, it can be difficult […]

‘Overcome your Fear’

18th Oct, 2023  “If something seems really scary, I either put in more time preparing or I just don’t do it.” ~Alex Honnold Think about your biggest goal. Why haven’t you accomplished it yet? If you’re like most people, the answer is basic: Fear. Fear is the limiting factor stopping you from working toward what […]


16th Oct, 2023 Autotelic activity is one we do for its own sake because to experience it is the main goal rather than to achieve some external goal. From the Greek auto (self) & telos (end)—an Autotelic is “someone that has a purpose in, and not apart from, itself.” As opposed to someone who focuses […]

‘The importance of knowing that you don’t know’

14th Oct, 2023 ‘यदा किञ्चिज्ञोहं द्विप इव मदान्धः समभवम्। तदा सर्वज्ञोस्मित्यभवदवलिप्तं मम मनः।। यदा किञ्चित् किञ्चित् बुधजनशकाशादवगतम्। तदा मूर्खोस्मीति ज्वर इव मदो मे व्यपगतः।।’ “When I had limited knowledge, I used to think of myself like a frantic elephant and I used to think that I knew everything & who knows more than me? But […]

‘Confront Your Fears’

12th Oct, 2023 While travelling through a little Himalayan kingdom, the Zen master decided to visit a temple. As he walked in through the temple gates with his local guide, he saw two large, ferocious dogs chained to the iron grills at the entrance. They were straining at their chains, their tongues were wagging, the […]

‘Doing the right thing’

10th Oct, 2023 Lessons learnt from school and our experiences as a child shape our values & behaviour. Doing the right thing generally means making decisions that are not based on your own personal needs, that don’t expand your popularity, or enforce your personal beliefs. It means doing what is best for the greater or […]