The Importance of Religion

8th September, 2023 Celebration of Festivals for me have always been a medium to express gratitude, to be kind, to bring happiness and to share. My concept of religion is very simple. When I do good, I feel good and when I do bad, I feel bad. Religion for me has always meant synchronisation between […]

‘International Day of Families’

15th May, 2023 ‘Saath Hai toh family, bikhar Gaye to patthar ke tukde’ Today is the International day of Families, a day to commemorate the strongest part of one’s household & what gives every individual a sense of belonging & affection. The family is what keeps us all together & elevates us towards a brighter […]

The Power of Blessing

The Power of Blessing

21st Dec, 2021 Do you Bless or Curse when faced with a situation? When something goes wrong do you bless it or curse it? Our natural reactions often lead us towards the negative, but that will only breed more negativity. Catherine Ponder in her book, “The Prosperity- Secrets of the Ages’, talks about blessing people […]