“New Year’s Resolution”

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2nd Jan 2024

Someone once asked Osho: “If one were to make only one New Year’s resolution, what would you suggest?”

Osho replied: “This and only this can be the new year’s resolution: I resolve never to make any resolutions because all resolutions are restrictions for the future. All resolutions are imprisonments. You decide today for tomorrow and You have destroyed tomorrow.

Allow tomorrow to have its own being. Let it come in its own way! Let it bring its own gifts.

Resolution means you will allow only this and you will not allow that. Resolution means you would like the sun to rise in the west and not in the east. If it rises in the east, you will not open your windows; you will keep your windows open to the west.

What is a resolution? Resolution is a struggle. The resolution is ego. The resolution is saying, “I cannot live spontaneously.” And if you cannot live spontaneously, you don’t live at all — you only pretend.

So let only one resolution be there: I will never make any resolutions. Drop all resolutions!

Let life be a natural spontaneity. The only golden rule is that there are no golden rules.”

Profound words by Osho indeed.

Making resolutions for the new year is a neat trap, you know you are going to break most of them, and feel terrible about it for the rest of the year!

But, for me, resolutions are meant to show the direction we need to take, the path we need to adopt, to reach our goals, and hence come with a bent of imperative in them.

Having a Life Vision is one of the most important areas to work on and writing them out aids in manifesting them.

Think of this year and how you want to be with your physical and mental health, friends, family and colleagues, spiritual practices, productive and work areas, financial security, home and surroundings, and other areas.

For each, write what you hope for and work towards it.

I very strongly believe in the future, in dreams, hopes, and ambitions and this note is about the future.

Yes, this is one of those New Year Resolutions, about 2024.

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

So here’s to new Resolutions and new endings.

May the new year bring new hope and new dreams in your life and may you stay blessed forever.