‘Destitutus ventis, remos adhibe.’

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30th May, 2023

If the wind does not serve, take to the oars.

Waiting for the situation to align to your needs might not be a suitable approach if you are looking to thrive in life.

Acting on what is required at the moment & not waiting for the circumstances to change, help us thrive in life.

There are many opportunities in life that we miss as they demand things that are out of our comfort zone.

We wait for the wind to push our boat forward. Sometimes we are in luck & wind carries us to a notable distance.

When the wind stops, our progress stops.

Our mindset holds the potential to mold our perception that we utilize to perceive the reality around us. It can help us grow to a success story or to let us be mediocre for our entire life.

Mindset helps us to analyze the events happening to us and guides us to take the next step. It indirectly makes us who we are in this world.

Two kinds of Mindset are generally observed in most people.

There are people with ‘Fixed Mindset’ who believe that their skills are fixed and that they never can improve or acquire new skills. Life is contained within their limited skills and they rely heavily on those skills.

And others are of ‘Growth Mindset’ who believe that their skills can be improved

And can be acquired with constant effort. They work hard to acquire new skills and excel in life.

The main point that differentiates between them is their reaction when they face failure in their life. People with a fixed mindset are afraid of challenges and failures while people with a growth mindset thrive on challenges & view failures as an opportunity to improvise and move ahead.

A Growth Mindset gives us the opportunity to ‘row’ ourselves towards the destination without worrying about the wind.

We become independent of circumstances, challenges, and failures as they rarely control our approach to the outcome.

Just like rowing makes us independent of wind-force, working with a growth mindset can make us independent of the external circumstances.

Life will surround you with situations that might seem unfavorable to you if you stick with a ‘Fixed Mindset’ but with the help of ‘Growth Mindset’ you will be able to excel in life by improvising yourself whenever the time and situation demands.

Detach yourself from the pull of the comfort-zone that contributes to the mediocrity of many.

Adopt the Growth Mindset that will motivate you to pick up that oars when the wind fails to push you forward. Learn to overcome the fatigue of rowing and help yourselves ‘row’ your way to success & stay blessed forever.