‘Enjoy the game’

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29th May, 2023

At a building construction site near my workplace, lots of labourers were working and their small children used to play various games.

One favorite game was to hold on to one another’s shirt and play “train-train”.

Someone would become the engine and others would become bogies.

Every day, these children used to take turns becoming the engine and bogies.

But, there was  one small boy wearing only a half pant who used to hold one small green cloth in his hand and become the guard daily.

So, once I went to him and asked him, “son, don’t you also wish to become an engine or a bogie some time?”

He softly replied, “Sir, I don’t have a shirt to wear so how will the other children catch me to make the train?”

It taught me one of the most valuable life lessons; the little boy could have cried and sat at home and fought with his parents for not having enough money to buy him a shirt.

But instead, he chose another way to play and enjoy himself.

In life, we don’t get all things we desire and we keep complaining.

I don’t have a bike, I don’t have a car , I don’t have this or that etc.

Life is like that, we need to make it beautiful, join the party, play the game with what we have and be grateful for our blessings.

Stay happy, enjoy the game & stay blessed forever.