‘Michelangelo’s David’

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31st May, 2023

In the Gallery of the Academy in Florence, Italy, stands the

‘David’, by Michelangelo, considered by many to be the most beautiful piece of sculpture in the world.

It is said that later in his life, Michelangelo was once asked how he was able to sculpt something so beautiful. He explained that he was walking to his studio one morning and he happened to glance down a side street to where a huge block of marble, brought down from the mountains some years ago, was lying, overgrown with grass and bushes.

He had walked this way many times, but this time, he stopped and

examined the huge block of marble, walking around it several times.

Suddenly, he realized that this was exactly what he had been seeking to create the statue that had been commissioned. He had the block brought to his studio, where he worked on it for almost four years to create the David

As legend has it, he said later, “I saw the David in the block of marble at the very beginning. My sole job from then on was to remove everything that was not the David, until only perfection was left.”

This Is also Your Story

In the same sense, you may be like the David imprisoned in the marble. The great goal of your life is to remove all those fears, doubts, insecurities, negative emotions, and false beliefs that hold you back until what remains is only the very best person you could possibly be.

Your job is to find the positive elements that exist within every situation, to deliberately turn every negative into a positive, and

to unleash the “handsome prince” in your own life.

Make a decision, right now, that you are going to unlock your full potential for success and happiness and become the extraordinary person that lies deep within you. You are going to accomplish all the wonderful things that you were put in this world to achieve.

Identify the negative or self-limiting beliefs about your personal abilities or your situation that might be holding you back. Then ask yourself, “What if they weren’t true?”

What if you had all the talent and ability that you could ever need to achieve almost anything in life?

What if you had no limitations?

What goals would you set for yourself if you were guaranteed of success, and what would you do differently starting today? Unlock your ‘David,’ remove the negatives in your life & stay blessed forever.