‘The 2% Mindset’

30th November, 2022 The 2% mindset is a great visual of some of the things you should consider developing. As the title describes there is only a very small percentage of the population who think this way, and this funnily enough correlates with the percentage of people who are really successful and happy. The decisions […]

‘An Attitude of Gratitude’

29th November, 2022 Lewis Howes, in his book ‘The School of Greatness’ talks about creating a grateful mindset which he calls an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’.  He goes on to say that ‘Life is better if you develop an attitude of gratitude’. A Sufi mystic used to wander from village to village subsisting on whatever alms […]

Learn from Failure

28th November, 2022 Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly ~ Robert Kennedy It’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and that everyone who makes mistakes has regrets. When you make a mistake, don’t regret and call yourself ‘stupid’. You are not stupid. You are just human! My mentor once […]

‘You are allowed’

27th November, 2022 Sunday is your day, And you are allowed, to start fresh, to be happy, To Work some, play some, Breathe in & breathe out and to ‘Waste’ your Sunday if you want. Don’t be frustrated, be motivated. Don’t be depressed, be impressed. Don’t be pressured, be passionate. Don’t be pathetic, be strategic. […]

‘Celebrate Life’

26th November, 2022 Remember the movie, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, where after the Tomatina Festival, Hrithik & Katrina are taking a walk & katrina asks,” What do you want in life”& he replies, “Earn money till 40 & then retire & enjoy life” and she replies, “How do you know, you will live till 40. […]

Find your True Desire, then Live it

25th November, 2022 In a thought-provoking lecture many years ago, British philosopher and writer Alan Watts told the audience this – Students come to me and say, ‘We’re getting out of college and we have the faintest idea of what we want to do.’ I always ask the question, what would you like to do […]

‘Follow your Dream’

24th November, 2022 All of us come to this planet knowing why are we here for. Very few remember this and fewer have the courage to follow it. Steve jobs ate at Iscon, returned soda bottles to survive yet learnt design. Walt Disney created the theme park in his head for 20 years and then […]


23rd November, 2022 In my Book, ‘Dear Son -Life Lessons from a father..’, one of the most important chapters is titled, “Talent is not enough” Most people feel that if they have talent, they will surely succeed, but there are enough examples of highly talented people who have not succeeded and that is mainly due […]

‘To Believe…’

22nd November, 2022 To believe is to know that every day is a new beginning. It is to trust that miracles happen, and dreams really do come true. To believe is to know the value of a nurturing heart, The innocence of a child’s eyes and the beauty of an aging hand, for it is […]

‘Don’t put Limits’

21st November, 2022 From the Art of Expressing The Human Body, there’s this little story about Bruce Lee, arguably the greatest martial artist that ever lived, during a training run told by John Little, a close friend of Bruce: “Bruce had me up to three miles a day, really at a good pace. We’d run […]