‘An Attitude of Gratitude’

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29th November, 2022

Lewis Howes, in his book ‘The School of Greatness’ talks about creating a grateful mindset which he calls an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. 

He goes on to say that ‘Life is better if you develop an attitude of gratitude’.

A Sufi mystic used to wander from village to village subsisting on whatever alms and food the villagers gave.

The constant utterance that arose through the mystic was words of gratitude for thanking God.

Soon followers gathered around the mystic and would travel with the mystic from village to village from regions to regions, also subsisting on whatever was given to them by the people of the village, of the regions.

It so happened that for few days they were in a region which was very hostile to them and one village after another turned them away.

Starving for more than two weeks, one by one the followers started leaving the mystic and returning home.

The Saints attitude of gratitude never wavered.

When the situation became really desperate, the few disciples left approached their Master and found him once again engaged in thankfulness.

“How can you be so distant from the reality of Hunger and death around us?

We understood gratitude earlier on but today we have had no meal for 2 weeks. What is there to thank for now?’ cried the followers

The saint replied,”

All my needs are always fulfilled.

The need right now is for hunger to be experienced and this need is being fulfilled with so much abundance, that only tears of joy spring forth.

How can anything occur to me which is not my need?

And for fulfilling all my needs at all times all I can do is to be in gratitude and just thank God.

What may be happening may be despairing horrible or unpleasant.

It may be happening momentarily or continuously for years, but it is all a part of The Almighty’s plan for us & for our greater good. Never lose faith, never let your ‘Attitude of gratitude’ waver and stay blessed forever.