‘You are allowed’

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27th November, 2022

Sunday is your day,

And you are allowed,

to start fresh,

to be happy,

To Work some, play some,

Breathe in & breathe out

and to

‘Waste’ your Sunday if you want.

Don’t be frustrated, be motivated.

Don’t be depressed, be impressed.

Don’t be pressured, be passionate.

Don’t be pathetic, be strategic.

Don’t be troublesome, be awesome

Don’t wait for a blessing, be a blessing.

Don’t wait for anything, be happy,

Enjoy Life as it comes.

Put yourself first this Sunday and do all the things you keep on thinking of doing and never get to do.

You don’t always need a logical reason for doing everything in your life.

Do it because you need it,  because it’s fun, because your soul demands it, because it makes you happy.

Turn off today, chill out this Sunday & stay Blessed forever!