“Would you repeat this life again?”

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20th May 2024

Would the idea of living your current life on repeat be horrifying or affirming?

Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote on a thought experiment he referred to as Eternal Recurrence:

“Imagine a universe in which you would live your current life over and over again, in perpetuity. You would live exactly the same way, down to the tiniest detail.”

Would this be horrifying or affirming?

The thought experiment is intended to spark reflection and introspection on your current direction, decisions, and actions:

What changes would you need to make to your life such that the idea of living it over and over again would be exciting?

Who would you need to become?

What attitudes or self-limiting beliefs would you need to scrub away?

If you’re feeling reflective, sit down with a blank page and consider the question in depth.

You may uncover a few ideas for changes that you can make to improve your life and outlook.

This Monday morning, ponder on the thought, “Would you repeat this life again and how if you had to repeat it, would you like to improve it & stay blessed forever.