“Boiling Frog Syndrome”

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21st May 2024

If a frog is placed in boiling water, it will instinctively jump out to avoid being killed.

But if a frog is placed in warm water that is slowly brought to a boil, it may not notice the creeping, subtle change in temperature until it is too late.

The Boiling Frog analogy brings to life a harsh reality:

The most dangerous habits, behaviors, and beliefs are the ones you slip into slowly, day after day, without ever realizing the damage they are doing to your life.

We think that catastrophic outcomes can be avoided by simply avoiding significant mistakes, when in reality, catastrophic outcomes are often simply the macro result of thousands of micro mistakes.

The micro mistakes can take a variety of forms:

The diet and exercise slip-up when you didn’t feel motivated,

The tiny white lie to cover up a mistake,

The lack of appreciation voiced to the person you love,

The pages that you didn’t read,

The saving & investing that you thought you had all the time to do,

The friend or relative you forgot to call,

In each case, small things feel small enough to ignore in the moment—but they are silently, subtly compounding to become something big in the future.

Perform an honest assessment of your own life:

Where are you falling victim to Boiling Frog Syndrome?

Where are you allowing micro mistakes to compound quietly in the background of your life?

What changes can you make today to stop their future impact?

Address these questions, avoid bad outcomes, improve your life & stay blessed forever.