‘Wish for the Right things !

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22nd December, 2022

If you want 2023 to be better than 2022, wish for the right thing, things which really matter.

Don’t  wish that you could play sport like a professional, 

Wish that you have the will to train as hard and be as disciplined.

Don’t wish that you  have a long-lasting, successful, flourishing marriage,

Wish that you are a more caring, loyal, dependable spouse instead.

Don’t wish that your career were as successful as others,

Wish that you spend the same amount of time to craft your skills and commitment to grow.

Don’t wish that your children are better behaved,

Wish that you dedicate and spend more quality time with your kids instead.

Don’t wish that you have the same close relationship with God that you see in others,

Wish that you believe, have faith and  spend the same amount of time in daily prayer and

When we see good things happening to others and wish that it was ours, we miss the full picture.

We forget that success comes from years of hard work and discipline.

Instead of wishing for their life, we should be focusing on replicating their efforts.

Don’t wish for their outcomes, wish for the will and commitment to create such outcomes.

Trust yourself again, believe in yourself, have faith in God, work for your wishes, make it happen, take charge, you can do it & stay blessed forever.