My 23 Top Prayers For Your Most Amazing New Year

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21st December, 2022

I really hope that 2023 will be the most breathtakingly great year of your life yet.

 I also pray…

1. that you recall how strong you are.

2. that you turn uncertainty into creativity.

3. that you use messy times to grow.

4. that you prefer honour to fame.

5. that you transform fear into faith.

6. that you trust your truth.

7. that you do work that moves the world.

8. that you adore your loved ones.

9. that you seek out beauty daily.

10. that you do no evil.

11. that you never stop improving.

12. that you become freakishly kind.

13. that no one can ever step on you.

14. that you be more gentle with yourself.

15. that you see wisdom as wealth.

16.That you live up to your potential.

17.That you leave the safe shores & embark on new adventures.

18. That you make the world a better place.

19. That you Keep your inner child alive.

20. That you find the happiness within.

21. That you ask for what you want.

22. That you prioritise what matters to you most.

23. That you achieve the peak of your health.

Please believe in you. You are so full of genius and goodness.

Let’s end the year strong.

Let’s pledge to make the world a better place in 2023 and let’s start with ourselves.

To new hopes & new dreams.

Have an amazing 2023 & stay blessed forever.