‘What is Success?’

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19th July,2023

Yesterday, on my birthday,

A dear friend asked me

“How were the last 12 months,”

Was it a “successful” Year?

I sat back & reviewed the year gone by and that got me thinking,

“What is success?”

What does “success” mean to me.

Success for me is definitely not about the assets and cars I own, the home I live in or the wealth in my vault or my corpus.

Success is more about being ‘A Successful Human.’

Success I feel is more about relationships,

Are you a successful son, husband,

A successful brother, father,

A successful Friend, leader

A successful teacher, follower?

Do people smile when they hear your name?

Do they look up to you for help & guidance?

Do you have empathy and compassion for a fellow being?

Do you forgive easily & understand that everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Do you show kindness,

Are you the first one to smile and reach out to help?

Whenever I think of success, I am reminded of the beautiful words of Bessie Anderson Stanley and her definition of success and that has been my benchmark for a while.

At the end of my current introspection,

I realized that I still have a long way to success.

I still need to travel a fair distance,

I still need to make significant improvements in my attitude & behavior,

I still need to win many a heart,

I still need to forgive many & move on,

I still need to unravel many a mystery,

I still need to understand & comprehend many a truth,

before I can truly claim success.

Remember there is only one way to find out if you are successful or not, go to a mirror and Check for yourselves & you will get the right answer.

A mirror never lies.

May the coming days & months & years bring more meaningful success to all my family & friends and may we all make a difference to this wonderful world.

Be ‘Truly Successful’ & Stay Blessed forever!