‘To New Beginnings…’

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18th July,2023

As I complete another wonderful and eventful year, I was reviewing the year gone by and planning for the year ahead and it got me thinking on how so many things change and how they remain the same.

It has now become a ritual for me on this day to open my ‘Happiness jar’ (a small jar where I keep putting notes on all the things that made me smile during the past year) and recollect and smile remembering those cherished moments.

What I also found in the jar was this small note:

“The things you learn in maturity aren’t simple things such as acquiring information and skills.

You learn not to engage in self-destructive behaviour.

You learn not to burn up energy in anxiety.

You discover how to manage your tensions.

You learn that self-pity and resentment are among the most toxic of drugs.

You find that the world loves talent but pays off on character.

You come to understand that most people are neither for you nor against you; they are thinking about themselves.

You learn that no matter how hard you try to please, some people in this world are not going to love you, a lesson that is at first troubling and then really quite relaxing.

Most of these things are hard to learn early in life.

As a rule, you have to have picked up some mileage and some dents in your fenders before you understand.”

Amazingly true perspective. Isn’t it?

As I start another wonderful year, I shall like to end this note with a small prayer:

Dear God

“I don’t know who or what will cross my path this year, but I do know that,

You are my Rock and my Fortress.

You are my Shield and my Strong Tower.

Help me to anchor myself to You this year, 

Teach me how to stand strong in You and choose only your way this year.

Help me walk by your truth and not my feelings.

Help me to embrace anything that comes my way as an opportunity to see you at work and as an opportunity to point others to You.

Help me have the maturity to understand and relax, to manage my tensions and be bothered only by things which really matter.

Thank You God, that You love me, and for all your blessings and all the wonderful things you have planned for me, and nothing can ever take that away from me!

Thank you, God, for this wonderful Life and blessing me with all the wonderful people in my life.”

Here’s to new beginnings, new journeys, new hopes & new achievements.

May God bless you all and fulfill all your wishes.

Stay Blessed Forever!