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10th Jan, 2022

This German word Vorfreude is unique and has no English equivalent.

It comes from the words vor (“before”) and Freude (“joy”) and means something along the lines of “joyful anticipation.”

Vorfreude is the joy you experience while you are looking forward to something.

Germans mostly associate “Vorfreude” with the anticipation you feel before Christmas and New Year.

Often, “Vorfreude” is characterized as a childish anticipation, because children are almost always overwhelmed by eagerness and yearning for the Big Day.

For me, the dawn of a New Year is always full of ‘Vorfreude’ – an anticipation, an eagerness, a yearning for the wonderful things that Iam always expecting to happen in the New Year.

Like in any other year, this year too, there will be some disappointments, some races lost, some milestones missed but the journey ahead will definitely be enjoyable.

The law of attraction says, when you expect or anticipate good things to happen, they invariably happen; the Universe conspires to make it happen.

Hence let’s look ahead to 2022 with ‘Vorfreude’ and stay blessed forever.