‘The Karwa Chauth Festival’

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1st Nov, 2023

Karva is another word for a small earthen pot of water and chauth means ‘fourth’ in a reference to the fact that the festival falls on the fourth day of the dark-fortnight, or Krishna paksh, of the month of Kartik.

Karwa Chauth is mostly celebrated in Northern India.

One hypothesis is that military campaigns were often conducted by men in far off places whereby men would leave their wives and children at home to go off to the war. Their wives would often pray for their safe return.

The festival also coincides with the wheat-sowing time (i.e., the beginning of the Rabi crop cycle).

Big earthen pots in which wheat is stored are sometimes called Karwas, so the fast may have begun as a prayer for a good harvest in this predominantly wheat-eating Northwestern region.

Karva Chauth day and celebration has now evolved and personifies a day of love, care & commitment and reflects the ethos of the beautiful sentiment of the everlasting bond between a husband and wife.

By the successful completion of this Fast,

the woman ensures the long life, well-being and prosperity of her husband and the husband gets to understand the perseverance of her Love, thereby ensuring eternal marital bliss.

Best wishes to all the Couples on this day!

May your love always remain & may you stay blessed forever.