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2nd Nov, 2023

The Festive season is a great time of the year to practice kindness and gratitude.

Let’s do our bit and start a campaign for #Goodeediwali this festive season.

Doing a good deed is sure to brighten the life of someone around you – and you may be pleasantly surprised by how good it makes you feel, too.

Helping others can actually be good for you too, so here’s my list of 10 good deeds for the festive season that I plan to do and may benefit you and others:

  1. Start Tithing

Adopt the law of Tithing. The ancient Babylonians practiced a vital law that was the cause of their immense prosperity. They used the tithing law, which involves giving one-tenth of all money or riches that you receive. The tithing law says that you must give to receive, and the Babylonians knew that the practice of this law opens up the flow of abundance.

  1. Volunteer in your NGO Rotary/Lions/ other social groups

Volunteer at a local NGO to contribute your time. Take your children along if they are old enough so they can develop a sense of gratitude for everything they have.

  1. Try some random acts of kindness

Hold the door for people behind you. Help an elderly person by offering to carry their packages. Give up your seat on the bus/train/metro to an elderly, physically disabled or pregnant person. It will make their day.

  1. Pay a visit to an Old Age Home

Better still, visit an elderly family member or a family friend.

Drop by and chat with them. Many don’t get regular visitors. Consider bringing fresh flowers, homemade cookies, a simple gift they will cherish.

  1. Tip generously

Next time you’re at your favourite local pub or Club or just taking any service, be extra-generous with your tips.

Don’t bargain while buying Diyas & other goods from local artisans, tip them instead.

  1. Spread the love

Smile at someone or give a compliment. It could make their day! Or, write a letter or an email to a friend or family member to let them know you love them. You could even forgive someone who hurt you in the past—it could rekindle a once-valued friendship.

  1. Help your neighbour

Decorating your house for the festive season, why not get their house decorated too. Help an elderly neighbour with a chore, call their young children over for a treat. Just reach out with love.

  1. Donate food or clothing

Buy a bag of good groceries—things you’d normally buy for yourself – and donate it to your domestic help. Buy chocolates for their children, buy them some new clothes. Present a blanket or shawl to them for the oncoming winter. Airing your winter trousseau, Donate your used clothes and housewares to charity. Donate your old books to children.

  1. Plant a Tree

A garden is a silent, loyal friend and the best listener, a friend you can visit anytime. Start a campaign, plant trees in your neighbourhood, make the world greener and better, we owe it to the world.

  1. And one good deed for yourself!

During the busy holiday season, it’s important to take care of yourself as well. Treat yourself to the thing you always wanted, dinner at your favourite restaurant, or that item of clothing you’ve been eyeing. After all your selfless acts, you’ve earned it!

Let’s share and care, Let’s give this Festive season, join and spread the campaign for #Goodeediwali and Stay Blessed Forever.