Thank You, Thank you, Thank You

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Thank You, Thank you, Thank You

During the day, stop once in a while and notice 5 things that usually go unappreciated.

They could be objects or people; it’s up to you. Just make a mental note of them.

The point of this exercise is to give thanks and appreciation for the small things in your life, the things that rarely get a second thought amidst our desire for bigger and better things.

They could be the smile on someones face, the smell of flowers, birds singing in the trees or the taste of your food.

Think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to appreciate and to love.

Let every Sunday be your time to say and feel “ Thank you” in as many ways as you can.

Write  a list of all the people and events you want to give thanks for.

Return thanks today  to those who have done things for you in the past week.

As you walk say “ Thank you” in your mind with each step you take.

As you drive, make each time you stop your cue to say “Thank you.”

At various times in the day, think and feel “Thank you” inside you seven times in a row.

Look for every opportunity to say ”Thank you” to other people, and say it with so much meaning that the person looks right at you.

Thank your way through every Sunday, and make “thank you” your predominant thought, feeling, and words of the day.

“Thank you”- two words, inconceivable potential power, and all you need is to put the power into them by expressing them.

Thank you for reading this.

 Stay blessed forever.