Take responsibility

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31st July,2023

Here’s a story from John Rossman’s book ‘Think Like Amazon’:

Steve Jobs told employees a short story when they were promoted to vice president at Apple.

Jobs would tell the VP that if the garbage in his office was not being emptied, Jobs would naturally demand an explanation from the janitor. “Well, the lock on the door was changed,” the janitor could reasonably respond, “and I couldn’t get a key.”

The janitor can’t do his job without a key. As a janitor, he’s allowed to have excuses.

“When you’re the janitor, reasons matter,” Jobs told his newly-minted VPs. “Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO, reasons stop mattering.

“In other words, when the employee becomes a vice president, he or she must vacate all excuses for failure. A vice president is responsible for any mistakes that happen, and it doesn’t matter what you say.”

Many people feel success or failure is caused by external forces, and especially by other people. If I succeed, other people helped me, supported me–other people were “with” me.

If I fail, other people let me down, didn’t believe in me, didn’t help me–other people were “against” me.

To some extent, that’s true. But also not totally within your control.

The only thing you can control? Yourself.

So act as if success or failure is totally within your control: If you succeed, you caused it. If you fail, you caused it.

As Jobs would say, “Reasons stop mattering.”

Never make excuses, never list reasons and never point fingers.

Unless, of course, you point them at yourself — and resolve that next time, you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure things turn out the way you wish.

Making excuses is a natural human response – we are social animals, and we care what others think about us and want to fit in.

Rather than face uncomfortable conversations and feelings, we make excuses and avoid responsibility.

Making excuses can almost always be traced back to one of three reasons: fear, uncertainty or lack of purpose.

To stop making excuses, first determine which one applies to you.

Take responsibility for your actions & stay blessed forever.