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12th Jan, 2022

I came across this story in a podcast I was hearing recently. I dont know whether it is true but it definitely resonated with me.

Abhishek Bachan once asked his father, Amitabh,”Dad, how does it feel when thousands of people come to see you every Sunday and have been doing so for the last 20 Years.

Iam sure it feels great.”

To which Amitabh Bachan supposedly replied, “The only thought which comes to my mind is gratitude and will they come again next Sunday? And what do I do, to keep improving myself and making myself worthier, so that they do.”

After achieving so much and reaching the pinnacle, there is no room for complacency. Success is a never ending journey, it is not bought but it’s a lease for which you need to make your payment daily.

Remember this & success will be yours eternally.

Keep improving, keep upgrading, keep learning, keep upskilling, keep succeeding & stay blessed forever.