Success occurs when opportunity meets preparations.

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Success occurs when opportunity meets preparations.
A new day, a new month, a new financial year,
get set, prepare to succeed.
You have a gift to give, don’t let it die inside you, let it out.
If you’re a musician, play the music,
If you’re an artist, let the painting out,
If you’re a poet, write that sonnet,
Express yourself – the world needs this.
But, just bcoz you are talented, doesn’t mean you shall succeed, someone working harder & more persistent than you shall always stand a better chance.
This fin year, Move out of your comfort zone,
Be bold, be brave, follow your passion, your purpose & your bliss & success will surely follow.
As the old fin year ends & we embark on a new journey in the new one, let’s thank God for all the blessings bestowed on us in the year gone by and the wonderful things planned for us in the coming year.
Dream, Prepare, follow your passion, achieve, be grateful & Stay Blessed forever.