Pandora’s Box

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Like in any mythological story, this Greek one about Pandora also has different versions of the narrative. Here, I have tried to choose the popular one.

The titan Prometheus was the creator of mankind and a hero to humans. He did everything he could to help and protect them. Once he stole Fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind for their civilization. This angered Zeus (the God of Sky and Thunder also called the King of all Gods) and he wanted to punish both Prometheus and the humans for this insolence. He devised a plan and ordered the other Gods to create a perfect woman. This woman was blessed with the all gifts of beauty, wisdom and charm that the Olympian Gods and
Goddesses could bestow. Zeus named her Pandora, which literally meant “all gifts”.

Zeus took Pandora to Earth to be Epimetheus’ (Prometheus’ brother) wife. Though Prometheus had warned Epimetheus against accepting anything from Zeus, Epimetheus was too enamored of Pandora to decline the proposition. As a wedding gift, Zeus gave Pandora a
beautiful box (more like a jar). He did not disclose the contents of the box but told Pandora never to open it; Pandora agreed. But as time passed Pandora grew increasingly curious about knowing what was in the box. Finally, one day, she couldn’t resist any longer and she opened it. Suddenly all the evils started flying out of it. Hunger, disease, pain, hatred, war, death and other life’s miseries flew out of the box and settled in people’s homes. Seeing the horror, Pandora tried to quickly shut the box, but it was too late. There was only one thing left in the box: Hope. Eventually that too came out.
Hope in the box of evils?
This is where a lot of narratives split.
Did Zeus decide to have some pity on the humans and add one gift that can help them cope up with the evils and continue to strive on?
Or Hope of a good life will make people be tormented for longer?
A lot of people have theories, but no one has the right answer.
And thus against all odds, against all logic, at times, we still hope.
For me,
“Hope is God’s greatest gift to all of us, because it is the magic that inspires us to keep trying, learning, loving and living and *Hope* is the only antidote for fear & resignation.”
Never lose hope & stay blessed forever.