Stop Doubting Yourself

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09th November, 2022

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ~Suzy Kassem

Continuing with the ‘Mediocrity creep’ blog, a lot of readers asked me, ‘What is the best way to avoid it?’ and that got me thinking & I started doing some research.

There are essentially 3 reasons for falling into the ‘Mediocrity creep’ and we take the most important one today, i.e.  Self doubt.

At most times, we lack the self confidence to act on our dreams.

A doubter sees a once in a lifetime opportunity — and doesn’t take it. Why? Because it’s too risky. Or maybe it won’t work. Or the weather is bad. Or people might think you’re crazy. Or it’s never worked for you in the first place so why will it now? Or your friend says it’s a bad idea. Or you’ve never tried it before . . .

OR! OR!! OR!!!

You can think of a hundred reasons why something won’t work. Anyone can if they let that voice of doubt speak.

“I don’t think you can do it,” says doubt. “Maybe you should stay the way you are.”

A tempting voice that plays on your comfort zones.

Doubt is like a plague, and excessively doubting yourself is deadly.

Doubting if you can do this or that. Doubting whether you can do well. Doubting whether you’re smart enough. Doubting everything under the sun! It’s like trying to win a bicycle race while repeatedly throwing a stick into your spokes. It just doesn’t work.

Stay a chronic doubter and you will destroy your future. It will cost you everything. So if you want to remain mediocrity’s best friend, fine, by all means keep doubting yourself.

But you don’t have to. You can flip that coin over and choose to believe in yourself instead.

No conditions. An unconditional faith in your potential.

“There’s many things to believe in. One of the majors is yourself. The understanding of self-worth is the beginning of progress.” ~Jim Rohn

To doubt yourself is to discount your own worth, to undersell, to think yourself LESS capable than you are. But when you reject that idea, when you throw off that cloud of doubt, it’s like opening a door out of a cage.

You set yourself free, you unleash your potential and get firmly on the road to achieve your dreams.

Stop doubting yourself to avoid the ‘Mediocrity creep’ and stay blessed forever.