‘Spend Energy To Have Energy’

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12th August, 2023

It’s a paradox and so familiar from experience, your energy level is often proportional to your energy expenditure.

After a relaxing vacation, you’re exhausted.

After weeks in quarantine doing nothing, you’re exhausted.

After a day idly watching Netflix and scrolling and tapping a screen, you’re exhausted.

On the flip side: after a hard workout, you’re energized. After straining your brain with a good book, you’re energized.

After a hike with your dog or a couple hours of deep work or cooking for and hosting some friends, you’re energized.

This intuition-reversing idea—that you have to spend energy to have energy—is something Arnold Bennett talks about in his book, ‘How to Live on 24 Hours a Day.’

In it, Bennett zeroed in on the question of how one realizes the full potential of the hours outside of work.

We feel that if we spend energy in the non-working hours, we will lessen the value or not be able to work at top efficiency during the business eight?

But, it is not so. On the contrary, it will increase the value of the business eight.

One of the chief things which we have to learn is that the mental faculties are capable of a continuous hard activity; they do not tire like an arm or a leg.

All they want is change—not rest, except in sleep

For me, an hour of Yoga in the morning, or time spent in a garden or beside a water body or the time I spend reading & writing is the most invigorating and keeps me charged for the entire day.

This Weekend, spend energy to have energy & stay blessed forever.