‘Cut Out The Bad Bits’

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11th August, 2023

Jerry Seinfeld, the Billionaire actor, writer & producer identifies the ultimate skill of the artist as “taste of creativity and discernment.”

“It’s one thing to create,” Seinfeld says. “The other is you have to choose.

What are we going to do, and what are we not going to do is the final test?’

The legendary film editor Walter Murch who edited blockbusters like, Apocalypse Now, The Godfather I, II, and III, American Graffiti, etc. was once asked about what he does for a living.

“Oh, editing,”

The other person replied, “that’s where you cut out the bad bits, isn’t it.”

Murch said he slowly came to appreciate the “unwitting wisdom” in that reply.

The good editor (like the good writer, musician, YouTuber, entrepreneur, illustrator, and so on), Murch writes, “is paid to make decisions.”

To have “discernment to know what to cut and what not to cut, what to pick and what to discard, what is a good bit and what is a bad bit.”

In Life, like in editing, what is important, is not so much what we do but what we decide to leave.

The Universe throws opportunities at us but we need to decide which is best suited for us and will help us achieve our goals.

Use discernment, try and leave out the bad bits & stay blessed forever.