Practise faith

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12th April, 2022

The other day I watched a professional soldier being interviewed on TV.

He was asked what it felt like going into battle for the first time and he said: “As soon as we came under fire, my training kicked in. All those months and years of daily drilling just kicked in. The training just drove me; I mean I could literally hear my drill sergeants, my trainers!

And before I knew it, we had won our battle”.

Thinking about it later, I thought about the importance of training and preparation.

In a strange way, it reminded me about faith; yes, faith; it too kind of works that way.

Every day we read scriptures, study, meditate on the Word of God, recite our peayers and when trouble comes, bang, faith just “kicks in” and before we know it, we have won the battle, just like that professional soldier!

Faith helps us build trust that God will take care of us and help us overcome the adversity.

Practise prepares the soldier for battle and faith helps us face the battles of life.

As they say, “Remember God in good times and he will give you strength to face the adversities and will take care of you in your bad times.

Practise faith and stay blessed forever.