‘Overcome the challenges’

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24th March 2024

Helen Keller lived in a world of darkness and silence.

She was eighteen months old when she contracted a virus that robbed her of her sight and hearing. Imagine what that must have been like!

As she got older she developed terrible temper tantrums because she couldn’t communicate with others.

That is until one day Anne Sullivan came into her life. Anne was about to change Helen forever.

Anne was once blind but had regained her sight. She taught Helen through touch. She would take her hand and stroke a cat with it. Then she would write Cat on the back of her hand. Then she would put Helen’s hand on her vocal chords and say the word Cat.

She did this with everything and eventually, Helen began to ‘feel’ the world that she lived in.

Later in life, Helen would be able to actually ‘speak’ so that Anne could understand her.

Helen and Anne travelled the world together giving talks about hope and overcoming the challenges that we all face in life.

Helen became a sought-after motivational speaker.

She wrote three books, ‘The Story of My Life’ in 1903, ‘Out of the Dark’ in 1913, and ‘Teacher’ in 1955.

In 1904 she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Three films were made about her. ‘Deliverance’ in 1918, ‘The Unconquered’ in 1953 and ‘The Miracle Worker’ in 1959.

In 1964 Helen was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Lyndon Johnson and in 1965 she was elected to the Women’s Hall of Fame at the New York World’s Fair.

One of her famous quotes is – ‘The world may be full of suffering but it is also full of overcoming.’

We should be thankful to live and enjoy every day, not complain about bad things that happen to us.

There are definitely people who have worse problems than we do.

You can complain because roses have thorns or you can rejoice because thorns have roses, it’s all in the thinking.

Some people hear a door close and some hear the same door open.

That is the power of positive thinking.

Stay positive, Overcome the challenges that you face in life with the right attitude & stay blessed forever.