‘Let’s Salute our Heroes’

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23rd March 2024

चूमा था वीरों ने फांसी का फंदा,

यूँ ही नहीं मिली थी आजादी खैरात में।।

“It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr.” ~Napoleon Bonaparte

On the Shaheed Diwas, today,

Let us salute our heroes and bow in humility for their supreme sacrifice and for choosing their country over comfort and patriotism over convenience.

And when you choose to sacrifice for the Nation, it’s the ultimate that you can do.

“Shahidon ki Chitaon mein lagegein har baras meley,

Watan pe mitney walon ka yahi baki nishan hoga”

Let’s keep the spirit, the ideas, and the cause alive.

Let’s heartily salute these great warriors whose supreme sacrifice became a catalyst in the freedom movement.

Let’s Do a good deed for the country today & stay blessed forever.