Move out of your Comfort Zone

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14th July,2023

A “mouse” was put at the top of a jar filled with grains.

He was too happy to find so much food around him.

Now he doesn’t need to run around searching for food and can happily lead his life.

As he enjoyed the grains, in a few days, he reached the bottom of the jar.

He was now trapped and he couldn’t come out of it as he was no longer user to look for food.

He had to solely depend upon someone to put grains in the same jar for him to survive.

He may even not get the grain of his choice but he had no choice. If he has to live, he has to feed on whatever is put into the jar.

This parable teaches us that short term pleasures can lead to long-term traps. Action not taken at right time will make one lazy and inefficient.

We should always choose challenges over comfort.

We should keep polishing our skills and keep ourselves updated with new skills as the situation demands.

Many people fall into the trap of a comfort zone & continue to underperform their potential.

Getting unstuck from a dead-end situation is not about having a positive attitude, but about positive action.

Never assume there is no room for growth.

Make new doors and explore new territories. Where there is no upward growth, go for lateral moves.

Don’t wait for an acknowledgement; tell the world and show the World that you deserve better.

It’s all about awareness, initiative and positive action.

No matter what, don’t allow your dreams to be shattered simply because you’re too valuable where you are.

I am reminded of a quote by Robert Collier, “You don’t drown by falling in water; you drown by staying there.”

Don’t let your Jar go empty, find a bigger jar, develop an alternative & stay blessed forever.