‘Life is easy’

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19th Jan 2024

For the last few days, my phone had been troubling me.

I was facing an issue with charging my phone. Despite keeping it on Charging mode for the entire night, the morning showed 20% charging leading to frustration & all kinds of operational problems.

My house experts, my family, had immediate advice, to replace the phone as it had already outlived its utility and in any case, it was 3-4 years old.

Spending a considerable sum on replacing the phone was not something I wanted to do as it was serving my purpose quite well.

When nothing seemed to be working, I asked my assistant to take the phone to the dealer and check if the charging port could be replaced.

Lo & behold, he was back in 10 minutes with the problem sorted without any charge.

On asking about the problem, he replied, “It was nothing, sir, just the port needed to be cleaned as there was some dust etc settled there.”

I blessed him & started wondering, aren’t life’s problems also like that, we anguish over small matters & they can be resolved with the least of effort.

We spend a lot of time worrying about most problems which never happen.

Most of life’s problems can get sorted with minimal effort but we spend too much time worrying about them than actually doing something about them.

Life is easy, don’t worry too much, and don’t make it hard & stay blessed forever.