‘Let the child in you be alive’

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17th Feb 2024

In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play,” says Friedrich Nietzsche.

As we grow, we tend to pay too much attention to advice and etiquette and stop taking pleasure in the little things’ life has to offer. Childhood is lost in a maze of time management and goals pushing us into the rat race.

Like others, we are keen to overtake our peers and reach the proverbial golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

To keep this child alive, we need to liberate ourselves from any form of control, shackles of criticism and opinions.

We are forever worried about what others will think.

It is important to keep the spark alive in you by doing what you want to, without worrying about what people say because those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter.

To keep this child alive, it is necessary to be with people who let us be and appreciate us for who we are.

Let the child in you always be there.

It’s ok to be a child again,

To love unconditionally,

To have no malice,

To smile at everyone,

To be kind,

To be happy for no reason,

To enjoy whatever you have,

To eat what is offered,

To make life very simple.

Relive your childhood,

have a great weekend & stay blessed forever.