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16th Feb 2024

Have you ever considered the power of a statement, or a thought?

Get up in the morning and invite good things into your life.

Declare “I am blessed.

I am strong.

I am talented.

I am disciplined.

I am focused.

I am prosperous.”

And always imagine good things and wonderful things will happen.

That’s how Laws of Attraction works!


It takes a warm slice of bread to soak in the butter and put on it.

It doesn’t matter how much butter we put in, but if the bread is cold the butter will stay on the surface only.

Bite into it and you will see how different the two tastes!

It is the same bread and the same butter but a world of difference in taste.

And so is it with the ‘blessings’ in our life.

It doesn’t matter how abundantly HE blesses us, but if we are not gracious in our acceptance, how can those blessings ever make a change in our lives?

Pretty much like the layer of butter on cold bread, blessings not graciously and wholeheartedly embraced continue to remain on the periphery and fail to make any positive change in life.

Acknowledge your blessings.

‘Accept’ with gratitude.

Keep your bread warm.

Let the butter soak in.

Bathed in the richness of this butter, every bite, every morsel then is bound to taste divine.

List your blessings, you have a lot to be thankful for & stay blessed forever!