I Believe

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I Believe

I believe in shooting stars that brighten the dark night

I believe they represent hope by shining their light

I believe in asking and knowing the reasons

I believe life always changes as the seasons

I believe in things I cannot see

I believe the answers maybe mystery

I believe in keeping friendships, never saying goodbyes

I believe simple joy may be found in sunshine and blue skies

I believe in life, that it is what you make it

I believe grasping for the highest ring and taking it

I believe in aiming for the brightest star

I believe no matter how hard or how far

I believe in life as an exciting adventure to be fully lived

I believe my heart and soul, I must fully give

I believe in positivity, to be an optimist

I believe loving first no matter what the risk

I believe in singing my true heart’s song

I believe it is never too late to right a wrong

I believe in feeling, but not focusing on my sorrow

I believe life is to be lived as if there is no tomorrow

I believe in excelling at my strengths so I can soar

I believe allowing my spirit and voice to roar

I believe in letting my heart and imagination run wild

I believe my inner self there remains a playful, innocent child

I believe in love even when I hurt and fall

I believe love’s magic when it calls

I believe in the hope of each new day

I believe it holds promise of a brand new way

I believe in dreams being my voice

I believe happiness is my choice

I believe in myself that I will safely land

I believe if I think I can, I can

I believe in miracles and dreams coming true

I believe joy and peace will ensue

I believe in taking risks even if I lose

I believe my life’s passions must be pursued

I believe in the sun even with clouds and rain

I believe all people should be respected and treated the same

I believe in love even if my heart has been broken and torn

I believe life is a mystical and spiritual sojourn

I believe in kindness and always caring

I believe it’s all about giving and sharing

I believe in one look, one word can make a difference

I believe life can be changed in that instant

I believe in God’s love and His plans

I believe I am always in my Master’s loving hands

I believe in the end everything will be God’s say

I believe Him, so I will always trust His way

I believe in God and His hope to prosper me

I believe God’s love has set me free

If you believe it will work out, you’ll see only opportunities.

If you believe it won’t, you will see only obstacles.

I believe….

Believe & stay blessed forever.