Good thoughts & Good Deeds Monday

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Good thoughts & Good Deeds Monday

Every Monday is your day to intend that you are going to think only good thoughts and do only good deeds.

Think good thoughts for you and wish good thoughts for others.

Refuse to give your attention to anything that will not produce good thoughts.

Command and determine with all of your will at the beginning of the day that, “I will think thousands of good thoughts today.”

On an average, humans think well over 50,000 thoughts a day, so you have 50,000 opportunities to think good thoughts today.

Let this week be your week  to fill your account at the Bank of the Universe with good deeds.

Give encouragement to those around you.

Give kindness.

Give good words to those you see and speak to.

Give a bigger tip.

Give a gift for no reason. Open doors for others.

Buy coffee or lunch for someone.

Give compliments.

Give your smile to everyone.

Give your undivided attention to those close to you.

Give your seat, and stand so that other may sit.

Look for opportunities to do good deeds and the law attraction will flood your Good deeds Week with an abundance of them.

As you give your all to Good thoughts and Good Deeds this week, the Universe will respond, and it will become the best week for you.

Have a great week ahead & stay blessed forever.