’Help someone to help yourself’

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17th August, 2023

Somebody once made the observation that the person who is wrapped up entirely in himself makes a very small package—and the package contains an unhappy person.

Think about this: Have you ever known a genuinely happy, self-centred person?

I love the story, often told, about a man who was hiking in the mountains. He was taken by surprise in a sudden snowstorm and quickly lost his way.

He knew he needed to find shelter fast, or he would freeze to death. Despite all of his efforts, his hands and feet quickly went numb.

In his wandering he literally tripped over another man, who was almost frozen.

The hiker had to make a decision: Should he help the man, or should he continue in hopes of saving himself?

In an instant he made a decision and threw off his wet gloves. He knelt beside the man and began massaging his arms and legs. After the hiker had worked for a few minutes, the man began to respond and was soon able to get on his feet.

Together the two men, supporting each other, found help. The hiker was later informed that by helping another, he had helped himself.

His numbness vanished while he was massaging the stranger’s arms and legs. His heightened activity had enhanced his circulation and brought warmth to his hands and feet.

It’s ironic but not surprising that when the hiker lost sight of himself and his predicament and focused on someone else, he solved his own problem.

It’s my conviction that the only way to reach the mountain peaks of life is to forget about self and help other people reach greater heights.

Help someone today & stay blessed forever.