Happiness Comes from Within

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16th November, 2022

The Monk came to know of a frowning man, holding a tattered sack.

On asking, he revealed that it was his only belonging in this world and therefore he felt miserable .

The monk snatched that bag and ran away leaving him to cry bitterly for losing the only possession. The man ran after the monk to take it back.

At some distance ahead, the monk quietly placed that sack. When the man saw his bag lying on the side of the  road, he laughed with joy, and shouted in thankfulness.

What did he lose, a tattered sack; what made him happy, getting back the only possession.

Strange is the level of every person for happiness.

Most people seeking happiness have some immediate concern at hand.

How to be Happy now? Some or many ignore that happiness is already there in our lives and to experience it, we  wait for it to be snatched away before realising it.

Happiness is not a distant bird or somewhere in some bush, it is often perching right upon our own shoulder and we often  fail to recognize it unless it flies away or gets taken away.

Asked, “You seem extremely happy and content. What’s your secret to living a happy life?” 98-year-old Charlie Munger, the billionaire investor, recently replied:

“The first rule of a happy life is low expectations. If you have unrealistic expectations you’re going to be miserable your whole life. You want to have reasonable expectations and take life’s results good and bad as they happen with a certain amount of stoicism.”

“The way to create happiness:

Keep your heart free from hate,

your mind from worry.

Live simply, expect little, give much.

Fill your life with love, scatter sunshine.

Forget self, think of others,

Do as you would be done by,

Try this for a week & you will be surprised.

Be happy & stay blessed forever.