Choose Wisely

Choose Wisely

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My young son asked me one day, if he had ever made me cry.

Because he said  “I don’t remember ever seeing you cry.”

I replied & said,  “The first time I cried was when I first held you in my arms & the sheer joy and the feeling of love made me drop a tear involuntarily.

And then I remember once while playing with you when you were a toddler, 

I laid out a pen, a rupee, and a toy in front of you.

I wanted to see which one  would you pick… it shall represent what you’ll value most when you grow up. Like the pen is intelligence, money is wealth and the toy is fun.

I was just doing it out of curiosity.  I remember reading about it somewhere, It was interesting for me to see which one you will pick anyway.

You just sat there and stared at the items.  I sat across from you and waited patiently.

And then suddenly, you crawled towards them,  I  held my breath, and you pushed everything aside and went straight into my arms.

I didn’t realize that I was one of the choices. And that was the first, and the only time you  made me cry.”

Kids have so much to teach us, they don’t follow any stereotypes, their love & affection is spontaneous, without any malice.

Let’s learn from them, Choose Wisely and Stay Blessed forever!