‘Deliberate Practise’

31st Jan 2024 “I don’t count my sit-ups, I only start counting when it starts hurting when I feel pain, that’s when I start counting, because that’s when it really counts.” Those are the words of the greatest pugilist that the world has ever seen in the history of boxing – Muhammad Ali. Ali began […]

‘Life is fragile, handle it with prayer.’

30th Jan 2024 On April 11, 1970, the United States launched the Apollo 13 spacecraft as part of the Apollo space program meant to land on the Moon. But just two days into the mission, a heart-stopping outburst was relayed to Mission Control in Houston by the astronauts 200,000 miles away. The now-famous words were, […]

‘Start Now’

29th Jan 2024 A new day, a new week! The first month of the New year is coming to an end. Too many of us are not living our dreams, because we are living our fears. All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. Miracles will start to happen […]

‘Back to Nature’

28th Jan 2024 Many of our civilization’s top imaginers spent a lot of time in nature. Long walks in the woods. Extended hours in a cottage by the sea. Quiet evenings staring up at the stars. In one documentary I watched on Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis, I learned that after the stylish guests that he […]

‘Enjoy every sandwich’

27th Jan 2024 When legendary musician Warren Zevon was dying of terminal Lung cancer at the age of 52, he appeared on David Letterman’s talk show and Letterman asked him, what he had learned about life. You know, what were Zevon’s parting words? Looking straight through the camera lens into every soul watching, he just […]

‘Happy Republic Day!’

26th Jan 2024 Good wishes on the occasion of Republic Day. Republic Day is often thought of as a day on which we celebrate our military might and cultural divergence through the Republic Day parade. However, The Republic day means much, much, more. It is a celebration of the eternal ideals, values and ethos that […]

‘Circle of Competence’

25th Jan 2024 A circle of competence is a mental model that involves developing knowledge of what areas an individual has an understanding of or experience in. It can also be defined as an area of the world where you have useful knowledge that gives you an edge. The concept was developed by Warren Buffett […]

‘Kind > Clever’

24th Jan 2024 Jeff Bezos is known for his remarkable journey from a garage startup to building one of the world’s most influential companies in Amazon. But what’s truly remarkable is this one lesson he learned along the way: which is about the power of kindness over being clever. Here’s that story verbatim that Jeff […]

‘Life Lessons’

23rd Jan 2024 The animal kingdom has many life lessons for us and how they nurture and bring up their young ones can teach us how to groom them and let them fly away. When ready to lay eggs, the female and male eagle identify a place very high on a cliff where no predators […]

‘The True Ram Rajya’

22nd Jan 2024 ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony being performed today at Ayodhya is a sacred consecration ritual that breathes life into an idol, transforming it into a divine entity. The ritual leads to a sacred union of the divine and the material aimed at bridging the gap between devotees and the object of their adoration. The […]