‘Enjoy every sandwich’

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27th Jan 2024

When legendary musician Warren Zevon was dying of terminal Lung cancer at the age of 52, he appeared on David Letterman’s talk show and Letterman asked him, what he had learned about life.

You know, what were Zevon’s parting words?

Looking straight through the camera lens into every soul watching, he just said, “Enjoy every sandwich.”

Oh, how we neglect the simple magic of each day in hot pursuit of the trinkets and fascinations that our culture sells us, as the gateways into happiness and inner peace. But, They are not.

FFA (Fame, Fortune and Applause) will never bring you the sustained riches that JPF (Joy, Peace and Freedom) will allow.

Real satisfaction and true tranquillity arise from savouring the basic blessings that hide in plain sight.

“Enjoy every sandwich.” Please don’t wait until your deathbed to appreciate all the gifts that surround you. They are there in greater abundance than you know, just pleading for your attention.

We sometimes get so wrapped up in our business that we risk losing our grip on the things that really matter: health, happiness and those who love us.

“Enjoy every sandwich” was Zevonese for “Slow down the speed of life!

Listen to a bird! Smell a rose! Hug your loved ones!”

Surviving these tough economic times is important, but not at the expense of love.

Financial security is a good thing, but it’s not more important than health.

And all the credentials in the world can’t begin to move the scales when weighed against having joy in your life and spending quality time with loved ones.

Warren was lucky; he knew how much time he had left. We don’t.

Write this on a rock…Life is short! Enjoy every sandwich.

This weekend, let’s just ‘Enjoy every Sandwich’ and Stay Blessed Forever.