‘10th Apple Effect’

31st Oct, 2023 A hunter once lost his way deep inside the jungle while chasing a deer. He used all of his navigation skills, but neither did he find any way out of the jungle nor could he find any food to eat for 3 days at a stretch. He lost all hope & thought […]

‘The Power of Yet’

30th Oct, 2023 I love this three-letter word. It reminds me of Hope. It reminds me of positivity. It reminds me that despite all odds, the goal will be achieved. Carol Dweck, author of ‘Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,’ conducted years of research about why people succeed or fail and how what she terms […]

‘Be Grateful’

29th Oct, 2023  Below is a true-life story I came across which really touched a chord. Recently, A 73-year-old man in Italy recovered from an illness in the hospital. He was told to pay for the ventilator and the old man started crying. The doctor advised him not to cry over the bill and that […]

‘Helper’s high’

28th Oct, 2023 The concept of the “helper’s high” arose in the 1980s, and has been confirmed in various studies since then. It consists of positive emotions following selfless service to others. Greater health and increased longevity are associated with this psychological state. This is another name for the uplifting feeling that people experience after […]

‘Giving with Humility’

27th Oct, 2023 How do you give? Do you find joy in giving in little ways? Do you give cheerfully with the sweetness of humility? “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” An anecdote which comes to […]

‘The Power of Appreciation’

26th Oct, 2023 Sir Richard Branson said, “As a leader of people, you must be a great listener and a great motivator. People are no different than flowers. When you water flowers, they flourish. If you praise people, they flourish. And this is a critical attribute of a leader.” The sweetest of all sounds is […]

‘Become a Two-dollar Man’

25th Oct, 2023  One of my life gurus was Jim Rohn – the grand old man of American motivational speaking. I read an interesting piece of advice from him, which I found quite fascinating & try to put in practise. Very simply put it talks about- ‘Becoming a two-dollar man!’ According to him the next […]

Happy Vijaydashmi!

24th Oct, 2023 Dussehra is a Sanskrit word which means removal of ten bad qualities within you. Kama vasana (Lust) Krodha (Anger) Moha (Attachment) Lobha (Greed) Mada (Pride) Matsara (Jealousy) Swartha (Selfishness) Anyaaya (Injustice) Amanavta (Cruelty) Ahankara (Ego) It’s also known as ‘Vijaydashami’ which means Vijaya over these ten bad qualities. Symbolising the Victory of […]

Do Good!

23rd Oct, 2023 There’s so much that needs to be done in this world. The question is: what can we do to make the world better? Making the world better starts with believing we can make the world better. Part of that involves doing good to others and making positive impacts on those who surround […]

‘Happy Durga Ashtami’

22nd Oct, 2023 सर्वमंगलमांगल्ये शिवे सर्वार्थ साधिके। शरण्ये त्र्यम्बके गौरी नारायणि नमोस्तु ते।। During Navratri, we celebrate the nine forms of the Goddess, the Universal mother, an embodiment of power. We bow to her and seek her blessings. In celebrating the Divine Feminine, we come to know the True Beauty and the most powerful dimension […]