You can’t Out-Amazon Amazon – Be Yourself

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it is almost impossible to copy and paste the success strategies of others.
Everyone is bounded by their own unique circumstances and strengths.

Around the early 2000s, Amazon’s growth was eating into Walmart’s revenue, Walmart’s executives panicked. They started to fire people, and invested more money in building their website, in the hope of replicating Amazon’s e-commerce success.

But copying Amazon’s strategy did not work. A new Walmart executive saw what was going on, and she hung a banner across the office *“You Can’t Out-Amazon Amazon”.* Walmart developed its own strategy and soon its market share skyrocketed.

Moral of the story is, instead of copying the playbook of others, you have to be yourself.
There is only one of you, understand your strengths and weaknesses and play your own game.
*Find your own Unfair Advantage.* Be Yourself and stay blessed forever.