Yeah Diwali Samajhdari Wali

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Yeah Diwali Samajhdari Wali

We traditionally do these six things during Diwali, which this time if we do with complete understanding would make our Diwali more spiritual and meaningful;

1. *Cleaning of house* – this time Let us also clean our mind of all the accumulated dirt of kama, krodha, moha, mada, matsarya, and lobha!

2. We *buy new things* – let us acquire true knowledge & wisdom!

3. *We eat sweets*- let us also share and sweeten other lives particularly of the down trodden & the needy.

4. *We light lamps*- let us light the  lamp of knowledge and awareness  and spread it.

5. *We do Laxmi Puja* – this time  let us pray not only for the  furtherance of our material wealth but also for the furtherance of our  spiritual wealth!

6. *We burst crackers*- this time  let us burst our ego instead -let peace descend on the Universe.

As we also celebrate the *Children’s Day* today, let’s pledge to create a better world for them.

Let’s Spread Love & good cheer

Let’s share and care,

Let’s spread kindness,

Let’s light up someone’s life.

From our family to yours, we wish you & your family a very happy, spirited, cheerful & prosperous Diwali!

May God and his umpteen blessings always be with you!

Have a great Diwali & Stay Blessed forever.