‘Write a Cheque to Yourself’

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31st Mar, 2022

In 1990, while he was still relatively unknown, comedian Jim Carrey wrote a check to himself for $10 million for “acting services rendered.”

The check was postdated Thanksgiving 1995. As Carrey explained, it wasn’t about money.

He knew that if he was making that much, he’d be working with the best people on the best material.

Carrey earned about $800,000 for his work in ‘Ace Ventura’ and ‘The Mask.’

Then, in late 1994, he was paid $7 million for his role in ‘Dumb and Dumber.’

In 1995, he earned many more millions and is now getting $20 million per movie!

Jim Carrey’s “post-dated cheque” exercise is a great example of the power of the subconscious mind to actualize a goal that is held with deep conviction and feeling.

Thinking about your goal and forming images in your mind will go a long way to creating the success you desire.

However, when you also use a tangible representation of your goal (such as a cheque), your chances of success are even greater!

I’am not sharing this example simply because it’s an interesting story about Jim Carrey. This same technique can work for all of us!

Why not tear out one of your cheques today and postdate it three or five years from now with the amount that you want to earn for “services rendered”?

Make sure to look at that check at least once a day and believe that you’re moving toward that goal.

So, is there a position that you want to achieve? CEO, Owning a business or a Successful Start Up owner, a relationship you want to get into, a house you want to buy or a car you want to drive or that cruise you always wanted to enjoy?

Whatever it is, create a visual aid and your mind will get to work to bring that picture into your life.

It’s extremely powerful to formulate images of successful outcomes — and to run them through your mind.

You can create visual aids to move you toward what you want and use a technique like ‘Write a cheque to yourself’ to accelerate your success.

As Walt Disney famously said, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’

As we end a financial year and at the cusp of a new Financial year,

Let’s Dream it, visualize it, achieve it and stay blessed forever.