‘Which Fish Are You?’

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9th August, 2023

Three fish lived in a pond. Their names were “Plan Ahead”, “Think Fast” and “Wait and See”.

One day they overheard some men making a plan to go fishing in their pond the next day. They also mentioned about casting a net and selling fish in the market.

“Plan Ahead” said, “I am swimming down the river tonight!” and so he did.

“Think Fast” said, “I will think of a plan at the right moment.” 

“Wait and See” said, “ I can’t think of anything now. Will think tomorrow.”

When the net was cast, “Plan ahead” was not in the pond. The other two fish were caught in the net.

“Think Fast” held its breath and pretended to be dead. The fisherman threw it back in the pond calling it out as a “stale fish”.

“Wait and See” ended up in the fish market.

My Question to You is: Which fish are you?

“Wait & See “Being will surely lead to failure,

“Think Fast” may be difficult at all times, hence it is better to be “Plan Ahead.”

Planning ahead is about making decisions and taking action in order to create the future that you want.

Planning life ahead helps in achieving a purpose. Whatever your purpose might be, or you might decide it to be, it is only going to be possible when you plan ahead.

Plan Ahead & stay blessed forever.