Whenever someone asks me about, ‘What should you ask for in prayer from God,’

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Whenever someone asks me about, ‘What should you ask for in prayer from God,’
I am reminded of a story:

A king was once roaming the streets of the city as part of an annual religious procession. He saw that some people looked
happy while others looked tense and forlorn.
The king suddenly felt that one of his feet was getting burnt as the sole of one of the shoes had fallen off a few yards ago and so the foot was feeling the intense heat.
The king’s attendants quickly seated him on the side of
the road and looked around for a cobbler.
The cobbler was found & told to repair the king’s shoe speedily. The cobbler stitched up the sole in a few minutes and the shoe was given back to the king.
The happy and obliged king asked the cobbler how
much his payment was and the Cobbler replied, “Nothing Sir, it is an honour for me that I could serve the King”.
But the king insisted that the payment should be made.
So the cobbler was asked again how much he would charge. The cobbler was too
embarrassed to ask for loose change for the job. So he replied, “Well My Lord, give me whatever you deem fit. I shall accept it.”
The attendant conveyed this to the king. The king casually said, “Then give him two villages!” And so it was!
And so is it with God too!
We keep asking Him for petty things; tinsel and trash; and He keeps obliging us, to make us happy. If only we would realize that He is the master of the entire universe.
He can give us anything, anything at all!
All we need is to surrender to His will, to leave it to him, to let Him decide and let Him plan what is good for us. We can’t even dare to ask for all that he can grant us.
Just have faith, this too shall pass, leave to him and Stay Blessed forever.