When Trying to Be Helpful, Focus on Little Things

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08th April, 2023

Mother Teresa once said, “We cannot do great things on this earth. We can only do little things with great love.”

Sometimes our grandiose plans to do great things at some later time interfere with our chances to do little things right now.

A friend once told me, “I want my life to be about service, but I can’t do anything yet. Someday, when I’m really successful, I’ll do lots of things for others.”

Meanwhile, there are hungry people in the streets, elderly people who could use some company, mothers who need help with their children, people who can’t read, neighbors who want some help, streets with litter, people who need to be listened to, and thousands and thousands of other little things that need to be done.

Mother Teresa was right. We can’t change the world, but to make the world a brighter place we don’t need to.

All we really have to do is focus on those little acts of kindness, things we can do right now.

My favorite ways to be of service are to develop my own helping rituals and to practice random acts of kindness – almost always little things that give me enormous satisfaction and peace of mind.

Often the most appreciated acts of kindness aren’t the million-dollar grants from giant corporations but the one hour of volunteer work in a home for the elderly or a small gift for someone who can’t afford anything at all.

If we focus on how little difference our acts of kindness really make in the scheme of things, surely we will end up frustrated – and will probably use our hopelessness as an excuse to do nothing.

If, however, we take great care in doing something – anything – we will feel the joy of giving and will help to make our world just a little bit brighter.

Kindness is more than deeds,

It is an attitude,

an expression,

a look,

a touch.

It could be anything that lifts the morale of another person.

Be kind always.

In this cruel world, You do your bit of kindness & good in the world.

Don’t bother about how much difference it will make.

It will definitely make a difference to someone, somewhere.

The smallest act of kindness is bigger & better than the grandest intention.

This weekend, You do your bit of kindness & leave the rest to God & Stay blessed forever.