When I was about 21 years old

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When I was about 21 years old, I was blessed to have a
brilliant person as a friend and mentor. He was much older than me, more instinctual & had developed the acute courage to live his life on his own terms versus following the crowd.
A true original in my eyes and a man who influenced my perspective deeply.
We used to take long walks and talk about dreams, business, creativity & getting big things done.
One morning, he said something that still speaks to me this day:
*“Son, you have to run your own race.”*
To me, that advice meant a few things:
To trust my own instincts,
Live by my own values,
Do my own dreams,
Quickly dismiss the chattering opinions of the critics around us.
It is too easy to buy into society’s definition of success & miss out on our own.
It is so easy to get distracted by what other people are doing & get off the clear vision & goals we’ve set for ourselves.
And I have to admit that my guiding principle has since been,
*“I’d rather fail at my own ‘race’ than win at someone else’s.”*
Define your own measure of success, achieve it & stay blessed forever.