‘Don’t miss the bigger picture’

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5th May 2024

There was a man who worked on an Air Force base. He wasn’t in the military or anything, but he worked there as a civilian.

One odd thing about this man was that he was always walking out of the base with wheelbarrows full of sand.

The guards got suspicious, and they started looking through the sand trying to find if he was stealing anything.

Of course, they found nothing, but every few days, the man kept leaving with wheelbarrows full of sand.

Several years later, the old man retired, and as he was leaving, a guard walked up to him and said “Alright, how did you do it?”

“How did I do what?”

“We all knew you were stealing, what were you stealing, hiding in the sand?

“I wasn’t hiding anything in the sand, I was stealing the wheelbarrows.”

The concept of “hiding in plain sight” can often be an effective form of camouflage: sometimes the best form of concealment is not to try to hide something at all, but rather to make it such a familiar part of its surroundings that no one pays it any mind.

This story has been written in many forms,

No matter what form it takes — wheelbarrows, bicycles, trucks, or donkeys — the moral of the legend remains the same: Beware of red herrings; don’t overlook the obvious.

Our lives are often a bit like that. We’re so focused on the sand that we never notice the wheelbarrow carrying it. In other words, we can be so distracted by the little things in life that we miss the bigger picture.

Don’t miss the obvious &

& stay blessed forever.